Belinea 1930 s1 сервис мануал

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Automatically selects the optimal values for the image settings image position, phase, etc. OSD menu language selection: Press any key on your keyboard or move the mouse. Press any key on your keyboard, or move the mouse.

The MAXDATA warranty covers all failures resulting from defective components and manufacturing defects that occur within the product specific warranty period. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase date of original customer invoice. Please be aware that in order to maintain your warranty claim the product concerned has to be received by MAXDATA together with the serial number and a copy of the original customer invoice within the warranty period.

Components replaced within warranty coverage assume the remaining valid warranty period of the system. In this case MAXDATA reserves the right to offer the customer several options on resolution in the form of a quotation and to charge the relevant processing costs.

This also applies to those devices for which upon receipt, it is found that they are not covered by the warranty. MAXDATA reserves the right to charge costs incurred for unsuccessful attempts to collect a device that has been registered as defective from the customer.

If an exchange device is not provided in spite of a period having been set, MAXDATA is entitled to charge the net sales price as per the current price list plus the processing costs incurred. The customer has the right to provide evidence for the existence of lower damages. This also applies in particular with regard to claims for damages as a result of default, damages for claims arising as a result of defects, loss of profit, transport damage that was not registered within a period of 6 days after receipt of the goods, loss of data or information through repair processes or damage resulting from interruption to operations.

The responsibility for complete data backups, including of applications and operating system software remains exclusively with the customer.

The data must be backed up before the warranty claim is made. User Guides and Service Manuals. Other brand names may be registered trademarks and must be treated as such. Important Safety Instructions Some Belinea monitor models come with 2 power cords.

Serious electrical shock hazards exist inside this monitor. NOTE Removal of cover invalidates your warranty. Guide to symbols The symbols below are used in this manual to indicate where there is risk of injury or damaging devices or to indicate especially useful information: Indicates possible damage to devices. When not following instructions, devices may be heavily damaged. Indicates hints on operation and other useful information.

Belinea S1 - Operating Instructions -. Notes on power connection Only use the power cord designated for use in your country. Safety instructions for operation The power cord must not be damaged. Note on resolution All resolutions provided by the graphics card that deviate from the physical resolution of the panel are adjusted by interpolation. Notes on ergonomics To protect your eyes, neck and shoulder muscles when working with a computer, we recommend that you maintain a viewing distance of between 50 and 75 cm from the monitor.

Wall mounting The Belinea monitor is shipped with the standard desktop configuration. Unpacking Carefully lift the monitor out of the packaging and make sure that all components are included see fig.

To set up the device, you must fit the monitor base together. Connecting To connect the monitor to your PC Make sure that the PC and monitor are unplugged. Connecting the monitor to the power source To connect the monitor to the power source Connecting the monitor to the PC.

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