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The sys tem te le pho nes and cor re spon ding sys tems in this user gui de use the fol lo wing ab bre via tions: Ab bre via ti on: Tab le of co n tents Te le pho ne user in ter fa ce Viewing and deleting costs Te le pho ne user in ter fa ce 1 Functi on key: Open the pro gram ming menu by pres sing this key.

If you are al rea dy in a menu and press this key, the functions avai la ble in this menu will be dis play ed or you will be ta ken back one pro gram ming step. The se LEDs can be used to in di ca te spe ci fic functions. Des crip ti on and in stal la ti on The sys tem te le pho ne can be ope ra ted by an in ter nal con nec tor of a elmeg PABX th at supp orts sys tem functio ns.

To get her with the elmeg PABX, the sys tem te le pho ne pro vi des va ri ous per for man ce fea tu res that are typical of this system. The de vi ce must only be con nec ted once the per mis si ble am bient ope ra ting temperature is reached. Connecting the cord S-con nec tor Con nect the S-cord 2 as shown in Fi g.

Connecting the headset The he ad set is con nec ted to the se pa ra te he ad set so cket on the sys tem te le pho ne as shown on pa ge 5 in Fig. Next pla ce the he ad set ca ble 3 in the ca ble gui de 4 and clamp it se cu re ly un der the ca ble clips 5. Start as fol lows: Press the ar row keys to see the langua ges that are avai la ble. Display of the performance features set up When the te le pho ne is at rest, the da te and time are dis - play ed in the top li ne of the dis play; the pho ne book tbuch and VIP in for ma ti on are dis play ed in the bot tom li ne of the display.

Te le pho ning Initiate a call Dial call number - without option to make a correction b t g Lift the re cei ver Di al call num ber Call Dial call number - with option to make a correction a t b g Re pla ce re cei ver Di al call num ber Lift the re cei ver Call To amend the call num ber or to cor rect an in cor rect en try, se lect the in cor rect di git with the ar row keys and press the C key to de le te it.

If you are un ab le to or do not wish to ac cept a call, you can re ject the call. If you are a mem ber of a team, the call is sig nal led to ot her te le pho nes in the team. Deactivate automatic redialling You can de ac ti va te au to ma tic re di al ling at any time. No ot her call at tempts will then be made. To de ac ti va te au to ma tic re di al ling du ring an au to ma tic call, press the ESC key.

Keypad and tone dialling MFC dialling When con nec ted you can use ot her per for man ce fea tu res by using key pad se quen ces or MFC di al ling. When con fi - gu ring the te le pho ne you can de ter mi ne in the ba sic set tings whet her key pad se quen ces or MFC di al ling are pos si ble or not when con nec ted. Te le pho ning with se ve ra l peo ple Call Waiting If you ha ve en ab led call wai ting for your te le pho ne, you are avai la ble to ot her cal lers du ring an exi sting connection.

Ope ra te sys tem te le pho ne VIP memory You can pro gram me a VIP en try for each of the 10 d i al ling keys con si sting of a na me max.

This performance feature is not stored in the elmeg hybird. En tries from the PABX pho ne book can al so be dis play ed by na me. Resetting the telephone will delete the name entry. Caller history Calls that you do not ac cept that you in ten tio nal ly re ject are sa ved in the cal ler his to ry.

SMS text messages available depen ding on the network operator SMS en ab les you to send text mes sa ges to ot her te le pho nes in the fi xed net work or to mo bi le te le pho nes, and to re cei - ve the se mes sa ges from them.

O Use the ar row keys and se lect the de si red mes sa ge and con - firm your se lec ti on with O. Re ceipt of ex ter nal mes sa ges in hi bi ted.

Re ceipt of in ter nal messages is possible. Che cking costs You can ob tain de tails on ac cu mu la ted call costs on you r te le pho ne. Function keys when connecting to a elmeg hybird or PABX Line keys Extension line key You can set up di al ling to an in ter nal ex ten si on using a li ne key.

Af ter pres sing the cor re spon ding key, the loud spea - ker or hands free on ly elmeg IP-S is swit ched on and the in ter nal ex ten si on en te red is se lec ted. If a con nec ti on li mit i s set up in the elmeg hybird with the SIP pro vi der, the LED lights up when the ma xi mum num ber of con nec tions is reached. Automatic call acceptance Your sys tem te le pho ne can ac cept calls au to ma ti cal ly wit hout you ha ving to lift the re cei ver or press the loud spea ker key.

The time af ter which calls are ac cep ted au to ma ti cal ly is set up in the con fi gu ra ti on of the sys tem te le pho ne. No bund le as sig ne d. No ex ter nal con nec ti on free. In co ming call. Bundle key This performance feature is not currently supported by elmeg hybird!

If one or mo re ex ter nal con nec tions are grou ped in to bund les, they can be as sig ned to a bund le key. Высокое качество передачи голоса Встроенные механизмы безопасности защищают пользователя и сеть от злонамеренных действий и несанкционированного доступа.

Дистанционный апгрейд программного обеспечения и гибкое централизованное управление Питание через Ethernet по умолчанию. Оперативная связь Внутренняя связь Индикатор состояния абонента и линии.

Предстоящие события There are no upcoming events. There are no upcoming events. Подписаться на информационный бюллетень Получайте новостные сообщения от Iskratel непосредственно в свой почтовый ящик.

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